The Eden Series

Waterfall in the forestWhat if the reclusive poet, Emily Dickinson, purposely disappeared from her writing desk to visit another planet by the name of Eden where only males are born and no one wears clothes? Would Dickinson’s poetry then mean something else entirely? Would the lack of women born on the planet affect their social structure? The only way to find out is to visit the planet and discover what secret pleasures it may hold.

CruiseIntoEdenCruise Into Eden

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Sci-fi television employee, Erin Danielson, boards a nude cruise to get lucky, and boy does she ever because Nase and Ware have ripped bodies, enticing accents, and hearts of gold. In fact, they are out of this world…literally.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00038]Unexpected Eden

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Jahl, Khaos and Sandale easily save their chosen one on Earth, but convincing pyrotechnics expert Serena Upton to stay on Eden is going to be a lot harder.



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00038]Eden Discovered

When Jaelene Upton secretly follows her sister through a portal to another planet, she encounters more than she bargained for.

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Eden Revealed

When Toni finds herself in over her head, she receives help from the most unlikely men, but Akasha and Sandale soon discover that working to stop a world war is easy compared to laying siege to Toni’s heart.

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Avenging Eden

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Sometimes the price of revenge is too high. Haldone, Keeva, and Mya are forced to decide what is more important, revenge or each other. Unfortunately, they don’t all make the same decision.

Romance inspired by the classics