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Heart of Frankenstein Coming September 2017

Can a monster find love?







Logan’s Luck (Last Chance #4)  Released! $2.99

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Cowboy, and single dad, Logan Williams has plenty of luck. The problem is it’s all bad. When Dr. Jenna Atkins pops back into his life at the same time his daughter’s mother does, he has to decide if his luck has changed or he’s the most unlucky man in all of Arizona.

Christmas with Angel (Last Chance #1) FREE!

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Cole and Lacey may not agree on where to spend Christmas day, but when Angel’s abusive former owner crashes Christmas, the couple learn to focus on what’s most important.



Eden Revealed (Eden Series #4) $4.99

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When Toni finds herself in over her head, she receives help from the most unlikely men, but Akasha and Sandale soon discover that working to stop a world war is easy compared to laying siege to Toni’s heart.


Poisoned Honor (Broken Valor #2) $2.99

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After a painful accident while on duty, Coast Guardsman rescue swimmer, Tyler Adams is determined to get back to work. Unfortunately, it has left him with a weakness he can’t overcome.  But his is not the only mishap to occur at the Air Station and as he gets closer to finding the person responsible, he unknowingly endangers the woman he loves. Now he must push past his limitations or lose her forever.

fromlexiwithlove_2d_bn_400x600From Lexi with Love  $5.99 for 4 book set

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Hot spirits, sizzling cowboys, and hunks from out of this world all in one boxed set of 4 first-in-series romances that provide a sensuous experience with a “whole lotta story.



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WELCOME                                                                                                                Welcome to my website where sensuous romance is the order of the day . . . or night, or any time in between. My hot romantic stories are inspired by the wonderful richness of classic literature, basically, my “what if” after reading one of these literary masterpieces. My peers tell me I write “erotic romance with a whole lot of story.” It’s not necessary to read the original to enjoy my romances, but if you do, it will add another whole dimension to the happily ever after. I hope you enjoy them . . . in so many ways.

Romance inspired by the classics