Christmas with Angel

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“This plot has WOW power. I was

thinking Christmas with Angel was a family complicated romance with a spicy edge, boy I was wrong. The plot twist had me sitting up taking in every detail. Lexi Post gives us a story with a bit of suspense. I can’t wait to pick up another Lexi Post book.” HEA Romances with a Little Kick

“Ms. Lexi Post expertly crafted a riveting story line which includes a bad man with a gun, a mystery woman, an obnoxious mother, and the growing pains of love. The characters come alive to captivate the reader…This is one of the best Christmas stories ever! It is full of suspense, action and of course love. Easy and quick to read. It can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend the Poker Flats series.” – Amazon Reviewer

Christmas with Angel was inspired by Bret Harte’s story, “The Outcasts of Poker Flat.”

Cowboy firefighter, Cole Hatcher, is determined to do what’s right and take his fiancé with him to his mother’s annual holiday dinner party. After all, the two most important ladies in his life need to learn to get along and the sooner the better. Besides, the rest of the family will be there.

Lacey Winters can’t forgive her future mother-in-law for keeping her and Cole apart for eight years. While she loves Cole’s family, including the five they are living with, she wants to spend Christmas alone with Cole on Last Chance Ranch.

But there are worse things brewing than family drama. This Christmas day, nothing goes as planned…for anyone.

Excerpt from Christmas with Angel:

Cole Hatcher added two pillows to the makeshift bed of sleeping bags on the hay. He’d unzipped each and spread them out so he and Lacey could crawl in together. Maybe if they could have a little privacy, they could settle their Christmas issue.

He’d pilfered all the snowflake decorations from the tree inside and hung them from the beams. In his mind, he’d envisioned it to look like it was snowing, but in reality, it looked like plastic, glass and felt snowflakes hanging from beams. Lacey would get it though. She couldn’t expect more than this from her cowboy.

Adjusting the garland around the stall walls, he pulled over the small table he used for grooming the horses and placed it next to the bed. With a rag he’d grabbed from the house, he wiped it off and placed a bottle of wine on it. “That should do it.” His Christmas Eve present was ready, though a few hours early.

Stuffing the rag into his back pocket, he turned the battery operated lantern to low and set it next to the wine. “Perfect.”

As he headed out of the barn, the six horses in residence paid him no heed except for Angel. Her wary eyes watched him until he was out of sight.

Giving Angel to Lacey had been the best thing he’d done for that horse, besides take her from her owner. She was so fearful of men that her bond with Lacey had grown strong.

Now if he could just get his fiancé onto the same page with him, life would be great again.

Cole strode across the dirt yard, the only sound to break the crisp night air, the two note call of a Whip-poor-will. The quiet beckoned him, but he needed Lacey to truly enjoy it. The house lights should have been welcoming but with his two cousins in residence, one baby, Billy and his grandparents, the four bedroom house was packed.

He took the stairs to the porch two at a time. Pulling back the screen door, he opened the heavy, ironwood front door and as he stepped in, he had to stop himself from stepping back out.

The baby cried upstairs while his two cousins, Logan and Trace argued. A door slammed on the upper level then Trace stomped down the stairs, yelling back over his shoulder, “I’ll be watching the game with Grandpa if you come to your senses!” He nodded to Cole as he passed by.

Old Billy, who used to work and live at Poker Flat and had just spent two months in rehab for alcoholism, ambled through the front hall from the kitchen, a bottle of water in his hand and a smile on his face. The television in the living room clicked on just as Billy entered it and the volume increased substantially.

Cole winced, the noise level and activity in the house was almost painful. Like Lacey, he couldn’t wait for their own home to be completed, but it barely had walls and was far too incomplete for them to have the privacy and quiet they needed. Since she’d given up her casita at Poker Flat Nudist Resort once the slab had been poured, they had nowhere to go…except the barn.

She was probably in their room where she always retreated right after dinner to crunch numbers, do research, or iron clothes for work. Taking the stairs two at a time, he opened the door to the bedroom.

Lacey stood next to the bed, her bright pink sweater fitting her like a second-skin, wisps of blonde hair escaping her long, blonde braid. Her white jeans hugged her ass. He still couldn’t believe this hot woman was his. She had a basket of laundry dumped out on their bed, clean clothes strewn over the quilt and a small pile folded to her right. He walked straight to her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. “I have a surprise for you.”

She stilled then sighed. “Is it ear plugs?”

He kissed her neck beneath her ear, loving how delicate she felt against him. “Even better.”

She dropped his fire department t-shirt and turned in his arms. “Better is good.” She lifted her arms around his neck. “Don’t get me wrong. I love your family. There just seems to be so many of them in this particular house. And now that Billy’s here, it makes it very cramped.”

He looked into her light brown eyes that reminded him of amaretto. “You love my family? Even my parents?”

She lowered her lashes and stared at his chest.

Damn, he needed to wait to discuss that particular issue. Talking about his parents only brought up what his mother had done to break them apart. That didn’t set the mood he wanted.


Romance inspired by the classics