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Where do you buy your eBooks?

Thank you for your feedback on where you buy your eBooks. It was very important in my decision regarding where to be sure to offer mine 🙂

Congratulations to Angel who won the patriotic wreath! Unfortunately I only had 1 of these, but in June’s newsletter there will be multiple winners, so be sure to check it out 🙂


Romance inspired by the classics

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  1. I now only buy from Amazon. I used to also buy from ARE and Samhain, but with them going bust, I have given up on publishing sites. I tried Kobo and had a really bad experience. They fixed the problem, but it took them several days and I ended up losing the opportunity for half price books because of the issues.

    I also find that buying from different sites makes it a lot more difficult to know whether I have just looked into buying a book or actually bought it. Sticking to one site takes care of that.

  2. mostly from amazkn but lots from book funnel participants!! thanks for this opportunity & keep up the good writing!!!

  3. I mostly buy my ebooks from Amazon. Occasionally from Google play.
    Thanks for being the awesome author that you are!

    Love & Hugs, Jennifer XoXoX

  4. I have a nook, so almost all my books are from Barnes & Noble. I like to buy directly from the author when I can.

  5. I mostly purchase my books from Amazon for Kindle. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful wreath. Your mom is very talented! 🙂

  6. Hiya i buy my books from Amazon.co.uk Lol and no im not the Author sharon stevenson lol i wish i was because i also like her books
    Keep writing your fantastic stories they keep me going on my nightshifts at work xx

  7. I buy my books at Amazon, but I get free book link at sites like Ereader, Bookbub, Cheapthrills, Bookzilla and more. I have to admit being disabled and on a very limited budget the more free books I can get the better. I also have a KU membership which is a huge help. I read any where from 4-5 books a week. So free is really important to me. But, if I really like a book’s story and the price is right I’ll buy it if I have money left in the month”s book budget.

    Thanks for having the giveaway.

  8. I generally buy my books on Amazon for convenience sake mostly. Occasionally I will to Barnes & Noble or a publishes site, but mostly Amazon. Thank you for asking. That is a gorgeous wreath. Nicely done.

  9. Kobo, Amazon or directly from the author publisher if I can. Thank you for the chance, love the wreath your mother is very talented.

  10. I pretty much get all my digital books from BN these days since ARe and Samhain went out of business. Side-loading books to my (partitioned) Nook Samsung Tablet is laborious. BookFunnel makes it easy though. If they are Kindle only stories I have an Amazon app that I use. I’m not a fan of Amazon’s business model so I chose not to feed their juggernaut as much as possible.

    Oh and if you pick my name for the wreath, please pass it on to someone else. I have one I made that’s very similar. You Mother and I share similar talents 😉

  11. Speaking to a lot of my patients today they have the book:) I did write your name down so they can check you out.

  12. Hi,

    I usually buy my ebooks on Amazon kindle or iTunes, but sometimes I use Barnes and Noble (my husband uses Nook exclusively.). I also download free ebooks from different sites like ebookee.org or ebook.bike because I like trying out new authors and must watch my budget. In the past I have read the first few pages using Kindle, purchased the book, then discovered the story was completely different and DNF. Therefore, I tend to buy books only after I can verify I like the author’s writing.

  13. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. B&N and Kobo are usually used with gift cards. Primarily use Amazon for the majority of purchasing.

  14. Amazon

    Your mother has produced a beautiful piece of work, but as I am British, should I win, would you please pass it on to someone who would value it as it deserves.

    • Lynne, she is already prepared to make a British one, or an Australia one, or a Germany one, or whatever fits the winners homeland 🙂 This is just an example. You should see all the ones she has!

  15. The all powerful ZON. I don’t participate in KU because I think it screws the authors. BTW, I freaking loved the newest Eden story!! My fav so far!!!

  16. What a wonderful prize! Labor Day is next for it, right? Or is there some other
    holiday for Flag Waving before that? Oh, right, the Fourth of July! YAY! My crafting days are behind me and so is my memory evidently. Happy Fourth to the winner!

  17. I buy most all my books from BnN. Very few from Amazon. Hard to read books from there. Cant increase the font.
    Love your books.

  18. mostly Amazon (do not have kindle unlimited)- kobo – real paperbacks for my favorite authors and rarely on iTunes or Google play.

  19. Most of the time I borrow from the library using OverDrive but I use Amazon and sometimes iBooks but not often.

  20. Lexi Lexi Lexi…lol You are going to make me look like some book crazy person but to answer your question I (for right now) am buying most of my ebooks on Amazon. But, I do also get books on B&N (thats where I keep most of my vamp reads..lol)

  21. My kindle recently broke, so I’m reading from my computer (uncomfortable chair at desk). I would really LOVE the patriotic wreath!! I am a veteran and I decorated my living room in red, white and blue! It took three coats of red paint to get half the walls red. White on the rest and ceiling, carried over to the kitchen. Blue plush carpet. The furniture is mostly white and red, white and blue accents and flags everywhere 🙂

  22. I mainly order from Amazon kindle but I have used book funnel when an author offers her books through it. Thank you for great reads!

  23. Hi Lexi.
    I buy from Amazon. Love the gorgeous wreath. You and your mom are Amazing!!!
    Hugs 💝😊

  24. Mostly from Amazon although I take suggestions from Bookbub and Goodreads as well as other reading friends.

  25. I buy mine mainly from AZ. The reason I do is I want to be able to leave a verified purchase review. I review on Goodreads, B&N, and Kobo, too, but they don’t care where I bought the book.

  26. Amazon for ebooks that I read on my PC with the kindle app, and audiobooks from audible. (I will take advantage of whispersync)

  27. I generally only get my books from Amazon. If I can’t find them in Amazon then I get them from Barnes & Noble.

  28. Currently Amazon for my Kindle, but previously Barnes & Noble for my Nook. I like the formatting on my Nook better than the Kindle but my Nook is kinda getting full and it is an older model.

  29. Mostly on Amazon. I do buy free books on B & N, Smashwords, and a few other sites. But Amazon is the primary one.

  30. Nice and easy, Kobo Australia. Ease of use and able to add gift cards to account. Ositive factor of having credit in account to purchase immediately. Only downer, it takes a little longer ne’er for us international buyers. 😊

    • It takes longer. That is a bummer. I didn’t know that. Thank you for sharing. Next time I see the owner of Kobo, I will mention that. I met him last year and he is really nice 🙂

  31. Mainly Amazon/US (I live in Mexico, but have my account through Amazon/US and can only get books through there. I also get books through BookFunnel if the author prefers to use that. Either works for me, because I use the Kindle app on my laptop, tablet and cell phone, and have the “Send to Kindle” app, too. So all MOBI files work for me.

  32. I get my books from Amazon, Kobo, and IBooks. I read so much that this way I can keep my tbr pile a little organized.

  33. I buy almost all my books from Amazon Australia. I am living in the UK for a couple of years but haven’t changed my provider. I also use Bookhub when I get the opportunity to download a free book. I too have a disability and read all the time. I have over 3000 books on my kindle and have all of yours. I love the way you write and try to get them on release day. Keep up the great work and thanks for the contest. The wreath looks fantastic!
    Sue xxx

    • You have ALL my books? Yay! That’s so awesome. I’m thrilled that you love the way I write! I love giving back to my readers. I wouldn’t have a job without you! 🙂

  34. I have a Nook so Barnes and Noble most of the time, but occasionally they don’t have a book from a series I’m reading or I just want to feel pages instead of looking at electronics, so I’ll use Amazon and read the old fashioned way. 😉

  35. Books I buy are for my kindle from Amazon. I do have a few sites that send me free reads in my email, but mostly Amazon gets my $$$$!!! LOL

  36. I almost always buy my ebooks on Amazon. Actually I think I have only “purchased” two ebooks outside of Amazon – and it was because they were freebies and the download was not available on Amazon.

  37. I buy mine from Amazon. I do not use KU though because it was designed to benefit the reader and Amazon but not really for the authors.

  38. I get most of my books from Amazon and a few fro iBooks. I love your books and the wreath is incredible, what a talented lady!

  39. I buy almost all my books from Amazon. If a book is free on Nook and not Kindle I’ll buy it on Barnes and Noble, but that’s the only time I buy from them. Beautiful wreath. Hope I win.

  40. I buy most of my. Books thru Amazon then Nook and I also buy directly from the publisher’s websites for a few authors.

  41. Amazon.ca – Canadian version. Unless I beg friends in the US to take my money & gift me a copy of a book I don’t have access too – such as the Kindle Worlds series’ that are all over some of my favorite series!

    I apparently also bought a freebie from Google Play not that long ago but I have no clue how to access it or where it is.

    I have tried Kobo but prefer the style of the kindle reader. I used to buy from ARe till they wussed out & closed suddenly. And I have no problems buying from publisher sites like Evernight or Loose ID, especially when some of them offer discounts on pre-orders!

  42. I primarily get my books from Amazon (Kindle), but I also go to my library’s semi annual book sales, yard sales, and various free sites. I am an avid reader and if I really enjoy a book, I will keep it and read it several times!

  43. What a great giveaway! I make wreaths for all my friends, but not myself. It would be nice to get/win one from someone else. Lol I buy all my e-books from Amazon, since I have a kindle. Thanks for the chance to win!

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