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A Favorite Holiday Memory

Random .org chose Linda Herold as the winner of the Christmas afghan. Congratulations. I want to thank you all for sharing your holiday memories with me. I absolutely loved reading every single one of them πŸ™‚

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. I’ll be back next year with a lot more books and prizes because I have the best readers ever!


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  1. i remember onnce when little i woke up to find santa asleep next to the tree
    i run and tld my mom santa is asleep to me i remember that well

  2. I remember the year I woke up to find cross-country skis from my parents for my Christmas gift. I used them for many years, but when I began experiencing knee pain, I gave them away to a young woman who wished for them on Craigs List. Now that I’ve had a knee replaced, I’m hoping to rent some skis and take my grandson skiing this winter.

  3. My mom and dad always let my brother and I decorate our real Christmas tree. Our decorating skills were definitely lacking. We received some strange looks from family and friends when they took a look at our tree.
    But my brother and I always had so much fun and were very proud of our tree with clumps of tinsel and all.

  4. My favorite Christmas memory is of my great grandfather. He would sit by the back door and feed squirrels nuts. My Mom tried to get him to stop but he said it was fun to watch them. And you can’t tell a 95 year old what to do. LOL! It was only a couple of months later that we lost him so those precious moments are sweet.

  5. I remember waking up on Christmas morning and my grandparents would already be there waiting to see what I got. I loved the presents but most of all I love to see them. Everyone loses what the meaning of Christmas is about. Now don’t get me wrong I love some presents but I love having family gatherings. One day someone want be there and you need to enjoy all the time you have with them.

  6. When I was little we used to drive FOREVER (a hour or so) to my grandparent’s farm. The farmhouse was big and old (and now that I’m older it seems very cool) and I remember sitting on the floor in the main room opening presents.

  7. A few years back my family and I were invited to a Christmas Eve party at my mom’s. Usually it’s just relatives but this year it just happened that friends and acquaintances were also there. We left all our outdoor gear and bags in the rec room as usual and went and enjoyed the party. On the way home we swung into the grocery store so we could pick up our ham and a couple little last minute things. Only when I opened my wallet, all my money had been stolen. I had no other way to pay. I was angry and humiliated, and was just telling the cashier to put it all back when the couple behind us in line whipped out a debit card and paid for the whole thing! Christmas dinner would of been ruined because of someone’s greed, and instead was saved by random generosity. I am so grateful not only for what they did but for turning what would of been a negative memory into a powerfully positive one.

  8. A bit over 10 years ago when I was confined to a wheel chair after an exasperation with my MS – I would to take my youngest son on my lap (he was 1st grade I believe) to the school bus stop – it was about a 1/4 mile from our home – sunshine – pouring rain – or windy as hell you would see the two of us laughing and rolling through the neighborhood – A woman stopped one day near Christmas at the bus stop and handed my son and I a Christmas card and wished us a merrry Christmas – inside was a 100.00 bill – needless to say my son had a wonderful Christmas

  9. I remember one Christmas my mom decided she’d had enough of my brother & I sneaking and trying to unwrap the gifts or shake them and try to guess what they were. So to get us, she didn’t put tags on the gifts. Now that really didn’t stop us from shaking and guessing! Christmas morning arrives, and mom thinks she has outsmarted us! She hands out the presents, and I open up a WVU sweatshirt and pants and was like YES! My brother opens up a walk man (for you younger peeps, that was what we had to listen to music on before iPods and such), and he was all excited. Mom yanks the gifts away from us and says “Those aren’t yours!” You see, when she didn’t put tags on the presents, she forgot herself what package went to which kid! LOL! To this day we tease her about the tagless gifts! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  10. My favorite memory, one which is captured on a photo, was visiting my parents on Christmas with my tiny baby son and my husband. It was so good to see the tree, lights and ornaments from my own childhood. But the memory that forever stays with me is seeing Mom lifting my baby and holding him up to the twinkling lights that he was reaching for. It looked like both of them were reaching to Heaven, and it impacted me so much to see my Mom and son like that. I am grateful I had the quick reflex to grab a camera and capture the moment.

    • Oh Emily, that was so smart! Now you’ll always be able to share that actual image with others, especially your son. Part of Christmas is passing along the traditions. I hope he takes a picture of you with his baby too πŸ™‚

  11. The first year we lived in Italy we didn’t have any of our stuff (fruniture, clothes, toys nothing) As we moved in Nov and this was in the 90’s so shipping wasn’t was it is today. The base had household items we could barrow till our stuff got there so at least we had what we needed.

    We always had a fake christmas tree but that year we got a real one. It was a Charlie Brown Christmas tree not the best tree in the world but we decorated it with stringed popcorn and gumballs garlen that us kids made with my mom. Then we made homemade ornaments to go on it as well. One of my best memories was us trying to string the popcorn and gumballs without eating them.
    Christmas morning there wasn’t a lot of toys or things but my parents made sure we all got something and had a great christmas even though we didn’t have our normal stuff we had each other and that made it the best christmas ever.

    • I love that story, Jeannie! Sometimes we get caught up in the rush of “things” an dit takes something like a move across seas to remind us what the season is really about. That is a precious memory πŸ™‚

  12. Growing up everyone got into the act when it came to baking for the holidays, even my dad. We would all be in the kitchen with aprons or towels around our waists helping out. Dad was so into the baking, he would have all the cookbooks lined up for weeks, he and mom would have a list of which cookies they wanted to make. And how many batches of each. And each year we would have one or two new ones and many leave off a cookie from the previous year that didn’t quite make the favorite list.

    The records would be playing in the living room and I remember it would be my job to go and put the new one or turn it over when it finished. It seemed the faster the music, the faster he and mom would mix!

    This would go on for several weekends before Christmas. We would bake the cookies and they would go in large round tins. We had a yellow and red one from pretzels, and a red plaid tin that use to be a picnic carrier. We had so many cookie cutters, we had a hard time choosing which ones to use. They were old and some had dents and a little mis-shaped but that made them special. I still have those, in the very same tin. I have the same cookbooks we used for the cookies. I use the same recipe for the sugar cookies we used back then.

    I can still see dad stop in the middle of mixing batch and grabbing mom and dancing her around the table. And hearing their voices singing the carols. Dad had a beautiful voice. Christmas will always be my favorite time of the year.

  13. My Mom made pajamas and we had all of the grandkids pictures made for Christmas every year. I sure miss her and want to recreate those memories with my own grands!

  14. I remember one year we didn’t have a lot of money so my mom went and bought my sister and I matching little plastic chairs. They were only $1 a piece and that was really more than we could afford at the time but we had so much fun with those chairs! We played school every day and just had a blast with them! I was thinking what would happen if I gave something like that to my kids. I don’t know for sure but I know it would be one of the worst Christmases ever! They would definitely not think back on it as one of the best! lol Things were simpler then and as long as our family was together we were happy!

    • Oh, I bet later in life your children will think back on Christmas and remember the laughter and the fun even more than the presents. But you’re right, life was simpler an dslower back then, which I think was quite nice πŸ™‚

  15. My favorite memory of Christmas was that we got to open 1 present from my mother Christmas Eve. It was always a new Christmas dress for each of us that we put on Christmas morning. I carried on that tradition for my children.

  16. I can remember getting a bicycle for Christmas. I learned to ride it that same day. Thus began my love of cycling for pleasure.

  17. My dad made me a pair of crutches for me from tulip wood. I came home from the hospital Christmas eve after a knee operation. Not sure if this is open to Canadians but I thought I would share anyways. Merry Christmas everyone!

  18. The year my 8 yr old son came home from school with a “Santa ” he made. Just imagine cutouts of each parts of the hat then the eyebrows then the mustache then the beard. All on a string of thread. Now hang that up then get up in the middle of the night and see a shadow on the wall of man in your living room !! Scares the peewadeden out of you !!! LOL

  19. Coming up on the Christmas season of 2012, my mom requested that I sing a duet Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming with her on Christmas Eve. Thinking I was too busy, at first I turned her down. I agreed and that was the last we sang together, because she passed away 3 weeks later. So glad I did, but I cry every time I hear that song.

  20. One of my favorite Christmas memories was getting engaged to my husband about a week before Christmas. He bought me the ring as my present that year and couldn’t wait to show it to me. I was so happy, I put it on and wouldn’t take it off, even though it was early. Every year since, he has teased me about not having any presents before December 25, but I don’t care. That was one gift I couldn’t wait to have.

  21. One of my favorite Christmas memories was from many years ago. My mom and dad got me a pound puppy that I named, Sparky! I still have it and have now passed it on to my son. It is one of the only things I have left since my dad passed 24 years ago. It just holds a special memory, because I remember how happy I was to get it!

  22. Christmas was always special because of my momma, every year we went out and cut down our own tree from the woods behind our house. It was always special and she always let me pick which tree we got. Then we took it home and decorated it. And then we’d make cookies .

  23. Hi Lexi,
    My favorite memory as an adult was my son’s first Christmas, 27 years ago. It was HUGE! We adopted him as an infant from Romania, so it was extra special to us, as we had spent so many years hoping. Needless to say there wasn’t a spare inch without a gift under the tree that year.

  24. I actually have two memories that stand out the most. The best one was when I was 10 and I received a Victrola for Christmas. It played 45’s. I received five of them but the one I remember, probably because I played it constantly was the Beatles Yellow Submarine/Elanor Rigby. I knew both songs word for word.

    My worst Christmas memory was going to my aunt and uncles farm in PA. when I was six. I got trapped in the barn with the milk cows. They scared the snot out of me. HUM!!!! I wonder if that’s why I hate milk so much…LOL.

    • Terry, your first memory is so fun! Why was it that we just had to play songs over and over again. Probably drove our parents crazy! I’m afraid I laughed at your second memory, but I’m sure as a 6 year-old it was very scary. It’s just that cows are soooo sweet. Maybe you should try chocolate milk πŸ˜‰

  25. My favorite hristmas memory is of watching my husband and my children on Christmas. My kids are 4 and 6 so it was always wonderful to see them sit on the floor with their dad and see how much fun hey were having. This will be our first Christmas without him so I’m glad I have those special memories.

  26. The whole family was gathered at my grandmother’s for dinner. We had finished dinner and were getting ready for desert. First I have to say that my Grandmother didn’t bake so the pies came from a bakery. Grandmother listed the pies she had and one of my uncles’ wanted the lemon meringue pie. This pie was no where to be found. It wasn’t with the other pies, it hadn’t been left in the car (a VW bug), and it was in either refrigerator. Everyone kept saying the Grandmother must have dreamed she bought the lemon pie. In the end after all 3 of my uncles, 2 aunts, and mom & dad had search the reached the conclusion that the pie was a myth. Six months later the pie was found in Grandmother’s car (the VW bug) that everyone had “thoroughly” searched.

    • LOL Oh my! They were so convinced your grandmother mis-remembered, they didn’t do a very good job searching that VW! Now they’re eating Humble pie! πŸ™‚

  27. I had a brother, Brian, who passed away and his birthday is December 23. We started a tradition back when I was in my teens to get together as a family and celebrate his short life. As my brother, David, and I had children they were in on the tradition. It is a unique night that as a family we are just together enjoying each other’s company. It now is the kick off of my holiday and is one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

  28. My special memory is when my children were still little and decorating the tree. The tree was always much taller than they were and me and their dad had to lift them up so they could reach the top part. How they always giggled when they were lifted into the air. I wish I had caught that in a picture. The things were never think of until it no longer happens.

  29. My Favorite memory is when I was about 11 yrs old. That Christmas my parent bought me a karaoke machine. I remember countless hours of singing with my mom, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We always had so much fun with it!

  30. One of mine has got to be the first Christmas that we had our dog, Suka. That year I had gotten my dad a dark chocolate candy bar and I had it all wrapped up and under the tree Christmas Eve. When we woke up, I found teeth marks and part of the chocolate bar missing. It didn’t take much to figure out it was Suka, but amazingly she didn’t even get sick at all!

    • Oh wow, you were so lucky! I’m so glad Suka didn’t get sick. I never thought about what an issue that could be with a dog in the house. That Suka didn’t get sick makes it an even better memory πŸ™‚

  31. There are so many great Christmas memories. One that stands out is the year my Mom bought me, my dad, and her winter coats with the family business name on them. Each coat had our name on it too. My Dad actually had tears in his eyes he loved it so much.
    I loved mine too. I wore it for 10 years before the zipper broke. Now I am wearing my Dad’s coat. I think Dad would be fine with me now wearing his coat. He loved it so much I’m sure he would be OK with me wearing it proudly for him πŸ™‚

    • Wow, what a wonderful gift your mom got! I think your dad would be proud that you wear his coat now that yours no longer works. And it must be wonderful for you. I bet every time you put it on you feel like your dad is right there πŸ™‚

  32. I was lucky to have my Dad’s mom and my Mom’d dad living nearby when I was little. I remember them always celebrating Christmas Eves with us!

    • Linda, having extended family join us always makes it more like Christmas. I bet you have wonderful memories of them. Christmas is all about family and memories, in my humble opinion πŸ™‚

  33. Going to bed on Christmas Eve with an empty stocking & waking up to a VERY large orange and apple in it with beautiful clothes (handmade by my mom) for my Barbies & Mandy doll. We had a breakfast quiche then opened our presents by the fire… I miss that. Our 8 children are making new traditions with us… like biscuits & gravy (with Mimosas) & opening gifts one by one- it takes all day! We talk about stories from years past and have a grand ole’ time!!

  34. It would be hard to pin down just one. Every Christmas I had as a child and teen before my mother was overtaken with Alzheimers are precious to me. Christmas was her favorite time of year so she went above and beyond to make it special for the whole family. I have so many wonderful memories of helping her decorate, bake cookies and all the little extras she did. Like giving me my own personal little elf, named Melvin, that would visit me every night leading up to Christmas and leave me a little gift under the tiny tree in my room along with a note. So I can’t say one in particular, but years of Christmas’s with my mother that meant so much to me, it’s one of the reasons I chose to get married at this time of year. I knew she would have loved it. I think she would be happy to know that I’ve passed on her traditions to her granddaughter and I know her spirit is all around us during this time of year.

    • I’m sure your mom is thrilled that you have carried on her traditions andis definitely with you during this special time. Just thinking about her brings her into your life again. Enjoy your Christmas with mom πŸ™‚

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