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What do you love about summer?

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  1. Summer is when we get to spend time with our extended family tgat is scattered all over the globe . It means seeing people we love and doing things for tge family , as a family . The first weekend in June we go to our family cemetery and clean it all up, make sure the gravestones haven’t shifted and tell the younger generations about how our family was one of the first to get a land grant in what is now Texas from the Spanish Royal court, or another family member was the first teacher in Texas. It keeps our history alive, while ketting us do something for the community as well as having fun afterwards at the lake picnicking.

  2. There is so much to love about summer. One thing I love is it staying daylight longer.But I love love love going to the beach on vacation the most!!!! This year we’re taking our 2 year old granddaughter with us.

  3. I love being able to sit in the yard with my pup and watch for fire fly’s. Something I have always enjoyed doing since I was kid. Course when I was a kid I could catch them, those days have long gone. These days I just kick back and watch for them and the the stars. It is at least warm enough to sit outside and light a fire pit and watch for the wild life around my yard to come to life. There is nothing in life that compares to the feeling of watching what nature has for beauty around us to enjoy in all of the seasons. In summer I get to experience more of the wildlife that summer has to offer in my area that normally hibernates in winter.

  4. My favorite part of summer is my kids being out of school. I am disabled so summer keeps me out of pain as well so I can do a little more with them even if it’s to watch them swim or play baseball.

  5. Those days where it isn’t too hot or humid, making for a perfect time to laze outside in the late evening with a glass of sweet tea, slices of cold watermelon for my grandson, and my kindle. There’s nothing quite like reading a great book while listening to his laughter and those brighter than the sun smiles when I call him over for the watermelon that he loves about as much as I love reading.

  6. Hello.
    What do I like most about summer? The beaches and seashells. I love walking on the beach with my husband in the late afternoon listening to the waves looking for that special seashells to add to my collection.

  7. The weather, planting tons of flowers, the perennials that made it over the cold winter, Works a/c !! Getting some sun, going camping, the OT at work so I have extra money for more flowers LOL

  8. I love that we go camping every weekend!! The bonfires, sunsets and the time spent with friends and family.

  9. I love getting together with family and friends during summer for great BBQ. Also the scent of flowers and the flowers blooming It’s also a great time to lay out and read.
    Carol L

  10. My favorite thing about summer is my kids being out of school. Oldest is home from college and youngest two out for summer. Having them home and with me means everything to me. I love all of us together and doing things. Playing badminton, working in the yard, going swimming, making homemade ice cream, movie nights, etc.

  11. I’m not a fan of summer! I know, sounds crazy, but I hate the heat and being a buffet for the bugs! Fall is my season! With the cool crisp air and beautiful leaves changing colors. Sitting on my patio with my fire pit and a glass of wine and of course a book. This is what I look forward to! Thanks so much for the chance! I’m sooo hoping one day I’ll win one of your mom’s creations!

  12. Summer ! Beach time. I love the ocean I love spending time with my girls . My family is my world but I love my authors too😘

  13. For my family it means drag racing season has begun. It’s a VW club for the mountain states and we have one a month. So traveling, seeing family from out of state, and drag racing. Fun fun fun! Love it!

  14. Butterflies, hummingbirds, all the different colors of flowers. Kids playing in front yards and our circle. (Especially if they’re my grandchildren.

  15. I love watching summer sunrise ,with all the birds chirping in the background ,as pink, turquoise and aqua scroll across the sky.

  16. Honestly since I live in Florida I hate summer the only good thing is the beach but I can’t go. So this year I really hate it

  17. I love having bbq on weekends, getting to sleep late because kids are off from school, going out for ice cream any time of day

  18. I love the warm weather, sunshine. Even though I live in San Diego, I work in Point Loma and live inland. So sometimes it is sunny inland and gloomy on the coast. I do not do well in gloomy weather. I take walks with my dog Sophie, go up to my friend’s house in Alpine and visit all her dogs, go shopping with my sister.

  19. I love the monsoon rains coming across Lake Pleasant and cooling our temps from 116 to 88 in an hour. Then we turn on the fireplace and cuddle in the middle of the ARIZONA afternoon. Our grandson visits and plays in the puddles rushing down the street and we love watching him and his friends get totally soaked and keep on playing as only 8 – 12 year old boys can.

  20. Being able to play in the dirt, as my friend calls it, planeting flowers, gardening, harvesting my labor of love….flowers, vegetables, etc. Also, being able to spend time BBQ with family and friends, going fishing, swimming, and just sitting outside with your neighbors.

  21. I go to a doll convention every year during the summer. I get to see all my dolly friends at that time.

    • I have been hearing about salt water pools. How do you like it ? Is it more drying to your skin ? I would love to have one .

  22. The newest frosty drinks , little grilling parties.
    Time with you kids , little trips vacations , walking on the beach .

  23. I am a retired special ed. teacher. Summer to me means sleeping in, relaxing, and reading as many books as possible!!

  24. Annually I go North(SD) to visit my family, where it’s a bitty bit cooler. The longer daylight hours and fishing. Getting so excited over rain bc summer can be brutal to plants and animals.

  25. Summer is longer days, plenty of sun (after our gray and rainy winter), time to read, eating outside and just enjoying the sounds and smells that say summer.

  26. BASEBALL!!! I love baseball! I don’t tolerate heat well – I get heat exhaustion, and I’m very fair skinned and burn easily, but baseball makes it all worthwhile!

  27. I like that school is out. Time to sleep late, eat ice cream, and go o vacation. Summer is for fun and I like that.

  28. I love on a barrier island in the Jersey Shore. I love driving over the causeway and seeing all the seabirds fishing in the back bay. Watching the Osprey flying overhead with a fish caught in their talons. Those are all summer sights.

  29. I love summer to spend with my kids more. Not so much hectic running and tight schedules. My family love being able to play putt putt on beachside alot! And lets not forget the lazy days when I can read as much as I want! Lol

  30. Waking before dawn, sitting on the front porch in my swing, a cup of hot coffee in hand, waiting for the sun to rise…
    Listening in the late afternoon as the thunderclouds begin gathering, boldly announcing its bounty of rain…
    Smelling nature as she drinks in the rain and pushes her tiny flora through the sand, blossoms smiling, welcoming sunlight…
    Settling in for the evening on my back patio with a hot cup of tea and waiting for the sun to set.
    It is a worthy the journey…

    • Your comment is worthy of becoming a short story! I love ❀️ all the things you mentioned for summertime! What a beautiful day you planned out! 😁

  31. I love seeing all the bright colors of plants coming alive. The chance to attempt growing some herbs or veggies. And of course not having to wear shoes or figure out some kind of coat that won’t make me feel like I’m in a straight jacket.

    • I totally get that. Having to layer on clothes can feel suffocating at times. It’s nice to go out in a t-shirt and be comfortable πŸ™‚

  32. I love getting together with friends at my house for an afternoon of swimming and/or fishing in my pond and then cooking out and having a big bonfire!

    • Oh the memories of a big bonfire in the summer at a party! I miss those! 😁 What a great thing in the summertime!

  33. The summers in Arizona get really hot. The temperature in the summer is over 100. It rains here so little that I look forward to the monsoons and the breathtaking lightening.

    • I lived in Las Vegas for a few years so I understand no rain hardly! I would welcome any wetness that would come and cool us off! It was refreshing and reminded me of home in Colorado at that time!

  34. Summer is a whole attitude readjustment for most of us. We’ve shivered through the cold winter and now we can throw on shorts or a bathing suit and relax with the family. Cookouts and just being together, enjoying life!

    • Ahhh, nice down-to-earth life in the summer! Cookouts are the best, the smell of the meat sizzling with some vegetables! Such good times, Summer!!!

  35. Hanging out at the lake with family and friends
    And this summer is special cause I’m founding out tomorrow Saturday the 29th what my first grandbaby will be, and the Monday is my 50th birthday,
    My daughter is due in January
    # soexcited # first grandbaby

    • Well congratulations on the grand baby! So exciting!!! Also, Happy 50th Birthday!!! Great times can be had at a lake in summer!

  36. Waking up to all the bird chatter and watching the bird wrestling. Yes birds do wrestle. They take each other down out of flight and roll around on the ground. It’s very entertaining. All this just to get one of the two best nesting sites.

  37. I love the lazy summer beach days! Those are my favorite thing about summer because it’s my zen time. A time to destress and remind myself of what’s important.

  38. I love the summer when I can wander outside, enjoy the warm sunshine, do a little gardening, and then in the evening sit out on the front porch with my ice tea & stargaze.

  39. The sound of the cicadas in the evening. Call it weird but I think it’s relaxing to hear. In the winter there’s nothing like that, and that’s a kind of silence I don’t care for. The cicadas are like an old favorite song you’ve heard so many times before; you don’t have to focus on the sound to appreciate it.

    • I love the fresh vegetables available too. Actually, the only way I like asparagus is fresh, otherwise it’s not my cup of tea πŸ™‚

  40. I’m not a big fan of those hot summer days, but I love ❀️ the balmy summer nights with a light breeze blowing through my hair and the stars twinkling overhead! Moonlight swims are the best!

  41. Hot days followed by a breezy night, that you need to put a hoodie on Aarons the bonfire and wrap up with a blanket.. the fourth of July and bbqs with my favorite people and laughing so hard you can’t breathe. Fruit salad. Swimming. Lake games.. The northern lights and the summer thunder storms.. All of those are my favorite things about summer.
    Thanks for the chance

  42. I love being able to swim outside, spend more time with my grandson, and traveling without packing heavy clothes to keep warm. The summer heat can’t to beat.

  43. Hi Lexi,
    I love summer for its warmth. I am so not a fan of cold. Surround me with warmth and I am a happy camper.

  44. I love the longer hours of daylight, having a garden, and how many eggs my chickens lay with all the sun they get every day. I love how pretty our yard looks with the grass green and different plants blooming. My favorite though is the yard sales! I love yard/garage/rummage sales.

  45. Well, iWork at a school. So my favorite part of summer is being off for a few months. I have 2 kids active in 4h so we also look forward to making our projects and showing them. This year we got 5 blue ribbons and 2 purple (which means considered for State fair). I also just enjoy spending time with family!

  46. I like the more hours of daylight & hopefully, more sunshine than other times of the year, warmer temps, being able to float in my pool on my weekends, grilling & sitting out on my back deck. I especially love having the windows & doors open to let in the fresh air…even throughout the nights.

  47. The best part about summer is the LACK OF SCHEDULE. I’m really feeling it now that we are in the last two weeks between school starts back up, too! Now it’s all about making sure everyone is in bed early enough, every one is getting up early enough, blah blah blah. I just like it in summer when we can be a lot more flexible with plans and schedules!!

  48. I enjoy reading outside but love the fresh vegetables and fruits more. I also enjoy thunderstorms. I enjoy watching the young birds and animals grow.

  49. Best part of summer is bike rides, fishing, tennis, visiting the farmers market and reading in my hammock

  50. My favorite part of summer / What I like most about summer is that I am able to take a week off of work to truly spend time with my kids. While I work a full-time job and a part-time job my kids are in daycare when school is out. I jam pack everything possible into it; I normally take the week of July 4th off. This year, I tired all my kids out so much from Monday to Thursday, they asked to just stay home that Friday and Saturday LOL

  51. I love the nice weather and the fact that my daughter is out of school and we get to spend extra time together.

  52. I love the smell of fresh cut grass!!! Swimming, laying out and tanning, watching the squirrels and birds outside my kitchen window, cookouts, summer clothes, the 4th of July, fireflies, sitting at night with loved ones outside and watching the stars on a clear night, a rainy afternoon!!!

  53. My favorite thing about Summer is vacation time lol πŸ™‚ My family does a week long Summer vacation every year, so that’s always what I’m looking forward to when the weather starts to get warm.

  54. Being in South Texas, we have summer weather most of the year:) My favorite part of summer is more daylight. More time to do what you want or need to do!

  55. My favorite thing about summer is probably the longer days…and I really like seeing fireflies in the evenings :p

  56. I love being out of school for the summer. I don’t really like the warmth (I hate sweating Lol) but I can appreciate the extra time to spend with family and friends on vacations. πŸ™‚

  57. What i like most about Summer is being able to visit my great nieces and play with them outside in the nice weather.

  58. Honestly, since I never experience weathers other than summer and rainy days, thanks to me living in Bali, I can’t help but loving this summer breeze. I get to hang my laundry outside and they’ll be warm and sun-smelled. I love that I can eat ice cream whenever I want even when it’s in the middle of the night. <3
    The price I pay though: frizzy hair, tan skin, and sweat. Oh yeah, sweaty all over. Haha. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I've never have an afghan before so… Fingers crossed!

  59. I love everything about summer. Mostly I love being outside. I spend as much time outside as possible during the summer months because I know, come winter, it will be too cold and depressing to go out.

  60. We live 6 miles from the ocean so when summer comes I love taking the kids by the sea and enjoying the warm, sunny days! We have a whole strip with rides, arcade, water slides, the beach etc and they love every minute of it!

  61. I have 3weeks of and i dont have to care for my niece lol. And can get prepared for my operations πŸ˜‰

  62. What I love most about summer is having my kids home. While they are home during the school year, I work second shift so, I only see them in the morning and on weekends (unless they still happen to be awake when I get home from work). Even if we are doing nothing, at least we are still in the same house. I enjoy hearing their sounds…yeah, even the fighting. Thanks so much for the chance! <3

  63. I love the longer hours of daylight, blue, blue skies, fluffy white clouds with glimpses of dragons, unicorns, and fairies, rain warm enough to play in, magical fields of fireflies

  64. I like the longer days and the warm weather, although I must admit some days it is a little too warm here! It is also nice not to have to worry about getting kids off/from school or homework!

  65. Honestly, pretty much the only thing I like about summer is the produce. Fruit is so much better tasting when it’s in season. Can’t think of anything else nice about summer since I’m a fall/winter gal, sorry!

  66. Summer is warm breezes, flowers, the sound of bees and flies (I could do without the flies). Children laughing and playing outside, lawnmowers going and just sitting with the sun on my face eating from the garden. Use to be veggies but these days it’s fruit from the trees and shrubs. If the sunlight isn’t too bright it means reading for a while … getting some bug bites…. going in the house with the windows and doors open but the screens on. It’s sometimes too hot (some people disagree with me there!) and sometimes it pours rain.

  67. My favorite thing about summer is the bright sunny days where all the flowers come out, a sea of bright colors all around your, the yellow ones remind me of my youngest brother who passed away unexpectedly a few years ago and it makes me think of when he was little and playing outside in the sun with his white tow head blonde hair and big smile, now these days I’m a Gramma who proudly and lovingly watches my precious grandson play outside in that same sunshine with that same color hair and a smile that just makes you want to smile and laugh along with him as he plays. As you can tell he has this Gramma as he calls me…won over and wrapped around his little finger, once he figures that out I’m in trouble ha ha, so that’s what I love about summer..lazy days of playfulness thinking of the past and enjoying the present.

  68. Hi, I love reading on my back deck in the middle of the night. The warm nights relaxing in a lounge chair, reading my Kindle can’t be beat.

  69. There are many things i love about the summer but some of my favorites are spending a lazy evening having a tall glass of Strawberry, Mint Lemonade wacthing the sunset with the person i am in love withπŸ’š I also like having extra time to take my son to all the festival and events that go on during the warmer weather.

  70. Summer storms raging over lake Huron, local produce, flowers in bloom, open windows, growing a garden. Should I just say everything?

  71. What I love best is after a long day working our farm, sitting on the back porch with a drink and watching the sun set and listening to the birds. It’s a great moment I look forward to.

  72. What’s not to love about summer? Sun, sand, surf, long days, warm nights, shorts, sandals, t-shirts…the list goes on and on.

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